Penmann – Stand F101 at PPMA Total Show, NEC 27-29 September 2022

Penmann - PPMA event

As a leading provider of bespoke Air Handling and Product Cooling technology solutions our clients are amongst the UK’s most significant and well-respected national brands.

We invite you to meet us on our Stand at PPMA where we will be sharing our considerable expertise, along with practical demonstrations, all designed to increase your efficiency and reduce your CO2.

Air Handling Expertise

Penmann has 25 years’ unique experience of designing and installing Displacement Air Handling technology which is at least 30% more energy efficient and 5 times more effective than conventional mixing systems at removing and diluting potential internal contaminants in a production area, resulting in considerable benefits. The correct distribution of air saves energy and subsequently reduces CO2, something that Food & Drink Producers are placing at the top of their ‘shopping lists’. In addition, Penmann’s technical excellence has saved costs for many manufacturers by upgrading existing mixing systems to avoid hefty investment on new plant.

Read our case study and see how KP Snacks benefitted from our technical excellence in Air Handling Solutions

Advanced Product Cooling Technology

 Food manufacturers who rely on rapid cooling solutions for palletised products will be able to view a viable alternative to blast chilling and see a live demonstration on stand. The Clauger Cooling Cell system forms a tight seal around product therefore ensuring all the air and energy goes directly into cooling product.

Can we design solutions for you? Talk to our experts on Stand F101. A warm welcome awaits you!

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