Penmann – team returning to our offices on Monday 20th July

After a long period of absence from the office we have taken to decision to return on a staggered basis from Monday 20th July.

We have carried out a series of detailed risk assessments and produced a set of guidelines to be followed by all of us. Our overriding objective is to make the return not just a safe one for our personnel and visitors, but also a ‘pleasurable’ one.

By that we mean we are looking forward to the operational and social aspects of the team working together again in the same location, and the many benefits to our clients that accrue from sparking ideas off each other in the daily course of teamwork within the Penmann business.

Link to Penmann risk assessment doc

During the period of absence from our offices we have achieved many things that we probably didn’t know we could at the outset when lockdown happened.

We are justifiably proud of these achievements, including having kept our team in fully employment from home. Read more here

Please feel free to ask us any questions about our policies and our return to the ‘new’ normal and how we can continue to help and support you.

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