Record spending on chocolate eaten at home

Penmann - conditioning and cooling for chocolate

We’ve been catching up on the eating habits of the Great British Public and the stats on chocolate consumption caught our eye – a significant increase in consumption* up by £50m year on year.

The biggest increase has come from large chocolate blocks, with sales up nearly 46% in supermarket outlets. Premium chocolate and multipack snacks have also, it seems, been lifting people’s spirits during the pandemic! And Easter 2021 is just 6 weeks away.

All this is possibly placing a strain on chocolate producers. Are you fully geared up?

  • Is your manufacturing unit coping with the increase in demand?
  • Are your current cooling and conditioning solutions preventing chocolate from melting in your facility?
  • Does your production process maintain even product integrity?
  • Are you protected from uneven temperature changes?

It might be a bit late to fix things for this Easter but a conversation with me about Penmann’s specialist expertise in the chocolate sector will be the first step to remedying current and future production challenges, even leading to the potential for increased output.

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Here’s how we helped Burton’s Biscuits stop their choc chips from melting during production

*Source: The Guardian Oct ‘20

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