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We are pleased to shine a spotlight on Penmann’s capabilities showcasing the significant role our business plays in the design and implementation of bespoke cooling technology solutions for many of the UK’s most significant and well-respected food and drinks brands:

As anyone in food and drink manufacturing will know, temperature control plays a vital role – not only in ensuring safety, but also in maintaining production flow. Process and product cooling are responsible for many outcomes: health risks minimised, throughput maximised, shelf-life increased, product consistency aided and product rejection eliminated.

What the average consumer will not realise is that modern food and drink production is not solely concerned with ingredients and processes: Production facilities require a series of effective climate control systems to ensure that the environments in which products are processed meet temperature, airflow and extraction requirements. Moreover, with energy costs on the increase, manufacturers also want to be sure that those systems are working as efficiently as possible. This is where a climatic control specialist is indispensable.

Penmann Climatic Systems has a proven track record in product cooling and conditioning as well as ventilation and air conditioning. All of these combine to deliver cost and energy savings, enhanced shelf life and to ensure our clients’ products are compliant, as well as making personnel more comfortable and productive in their roles.

Expert solutions from the industry experts

Penmann is one of the UK’s leading climatic control companies. The company designs and implements bespoke cooling technology solutions for many of the UK’s most significant and well-respected food and drinks brands. It’s a role we have been performing for over 44 years and during this time, as 100% Food Industry Specialists, we have earned an excellent reputation for service and delivery.

Optimum temperatures for product throughput and food safety

“Identifying the optimum temperature and time for product cooling is essential,” says John Kirwin, Penmann’s Commercial Director. “If you cool it too quickly then the end product may not be to specification. Cool it too slowly and you’re left with a production line bottleneck and insufficient space.”

Product Cooling Technology from Penmann

As product lines change, so too can climatic requirements. Sometimes existing systems are unable to cool products quickly enough to meet demand. This was the case at well-known international biscuit manufacturer McVitie’s.

To cater for the increased throughput, Penmann designed, supplied and project managed a 30 metre extension to the existing line comprising a direct expansion cold deck with a contraflow air cooled cover. The existing refrigeration plant and controls were all replaced and a menu-based control system was provided to enable easy selection of alternative parameters for different product types. Read the case study here

Taking care of high care requirements

When we think about contamination and cross-contamination of products, it’s often personal hygiene, cleaning products, cooking temperatures, physical contamination, pests and storage that readily spring to mind. However, risk also extends to other sources, such as condensation and inadequate air pressure. Additionally, manufacturers need to ensure that products which must be cooled prior to packaging and storage have cooling profiles which meet food hygiene standards.

Health & Safety ensured during production with technology from Penmann

High care production areas i.e. areas where chilled foods, particularly vulnerable to microbiological contamination are handled, need specialist air pressure control. Penmann has considerable experience in providing solutions which consider all elements of a process, including requirements for Cleaning in Place (CIP) on certain lines whilst maintaining production on others.

A good example of this is work undertaken at dairy manufacturer Bakkavor, where the client had an old system in the powder mixing room, which was in poor condition and unable to maintain the required 10°C production temperature. A special wash-down functionality was built-in resulting in the area being completely dry after wash-down. The target production temperature is now maintained, and microbiological targets achieved thereby reducing the risk of a germ breakout. Read the case study here

Make sure your cooling systems are working efficiently

In order to tackle issues such as high temperatures, humidity, air quality, energy efficiency and product cooling rates, a comprehensive survey should always be the starting point to ensure compliance.

Penmann – ensuring food manufacturing processes meet compliance standards

The team of professionals at Penmann offer surveys on the following:

  • Pressurisation survey to ensure the correct positive air pressures are being maintained in High Care Areas and also that the whole factory operates on a positive pressure to prevent egress of contaminants.
  • Condensation surveys to establish the causes of internal condensation and to design solutions to eliminate any cross-contamination risks.
  • Product cooling surveys to ensure the correct cooling profile is achieved to meet food hygiene standards; but also to establish how cooling times can be improved to prevent bottlenecks and to improve shelf life time.
  • Energy surveys of existing HVAC systems to see how they can be improved to provide energy savings e.g. convert to displacement air distribution.
  • Hygiene surveys of existing HVAC systems to ensure they meet current standards and to advise on improvements to reduce hygiene risks.

Following the surveys, we provide detailed reports of our findings and make recommendations for practical, efficient solutions, bespoke to a client’s situation. Penmann’s ‘turnkey’ solutions which include consultancy, design, installation and commissioning, deliver real value for money. We supply high quality products and services that are delivered on time and within budget and from these strong foundations we have built long lasting trusted relationships.

Products/Services supplied:

Process and Product cooling and conditioning

Air conditioning


Penmann – Innovative Climatic Solutions for the Food Industry.

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